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Scana Roller Forks creates a more stable design compared to a fork arm/carrier solution. It is a price worthy solution as the flexible positioning of the fork arm is remained even without a carrier. When designing new forklift solution, an increase in lifting capacity can be achieved due to closer load center and no extra weight for carriers.

Depending on the design of the forklift carriage, Scana Roller Forks can be mounted on almost every forklift from 8 – 80 tonnes lifting capacity. Ask your nearest Scana Booforge representative about your possibility to mount a Scana Roller Fork on your forklift.

Scana Roller Fork has the same unique high quality as every fork manufactured at Scana Booforge.
Fork Material

Material RO651 The forks are manufactured according to ISO 2330.
fork table

Suspensions are manufactured according to ISO 2328.
fork table
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